Christiano Dias

writer / director

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Hurricane Vignette #1

Hurricane Vignette #2

Hurricane Vignette #3

Monster in a House

King Eternal



The Tide Falls


Heatman: Origins


Soar Like A Wave


Heatman: Fire Within Trailer




Hellfire Collective, 2008

Color, 2007

20, 2006


Pants Rental (Coming Soon)

Pants Rental (Coming Soon)

Debunkopotamus (Coming Soon)

Debunkopotamus (Coming Soon)

LoanFly - Home Haunting

Pxsell - Angry Garage

Mercedes Benz Spec

LoanFly - Pop Culture

Ezekiel Bread

Beverly Hills PD K9 Unit

Pxsell - Find Your Treasure

Cornerstone Home Lending

Greystone Mansion

LoanFly - Majestic Horse

Muller Foundation Sizzle

David Jay Reel

Lisa Roumain Reel

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