Christiano Dias

Writer + Director


Christiano Dias is an imaginative filmmaker born in Brazil and raised in Texas. He became completely entranced with cameras while shooting improvisational short films with friends when he was twelve years old with a "hand me down" Hi8 camcorder.

Over time, Chris has written and directed over twenty short films that have won numerous accolades including the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle and Gold Remi Award at Worldfest-Houston (3 time winner). He's won multiple Best Director Awards at LAIFFA, 4 Cannes Short Film Corner market acceptances (2012-2015, 2017). He was also a Lonestar Emmy Award Nominee for Directing at the age of 19. He's on Texas Film Commissions's IMDB list of Top 25 Texas Directors.

His short film, King Eternal was distributed for one year on DIRECTV via the ShortsHD Channel and Monster in a House was offered multiple distribution offers, before being released online at after a featured article in American Cinematographer.

His past three short films have appeared in Moviemaker Magazine (King Eternal, 2013), American Cinematographer (Monster in a House, July 2016 Issue), and IndieWire (Hurricane, 2017). 

He received a BFA in Creative Writing from The University of North Texas with a focus on Screenwriting and an MFA in Filmmaking from NYFA, where he graduated with "Honors with Distinction."

He's currently working in Texas as a commercial director, writer, and editor and is in development of his first feature film, Dream Machine to be filmed in Austin, TX. His next short film projects are: Snake Oil which is in development to begin crowdfunding in 2018 (to also possibly be made into a feature) and Providence a sci-fi opus to be shot in the Texas wilderness.